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don’t push down

don’t push down Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Jo’s daughter Eliz told me, “Don’t push down on the waffle iron.” “Why not? It seems like I should just…” (sploosh) “Oh. That’s why.” Instead of wiping it up I documented the … finish reading don’t push down

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Fashion choices

dna Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. We had a great time at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley this weekend. Moomin played on the giant sculpture of DNA and on the huge whale. I had another ignoble moment of … finish reading Fashion choices

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estate sale apron… thanks, dead lady

estate sale apron… thanks, dead lady Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. This weekend I made two pumpkin pies, with whole wheat pie crust that was about 90% made of butter. Yum. I was not only a baking goddess for one … finish reading estate sale apron… thanks, dead lady

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Who’s your mama?

at stoplight in truck Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. What would you think if this was your mom? Luckily Moomin seems to think I am completely normal. At his school the other day a little boy came up to me, … finish reading Who’s your mama?

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Overheard at the sleepover

This morning from Moomin and Hamster in unison, a song, overheard circa 7am: Row, row, row your poop Gently down the poop! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Poop, poop poop, poop poop. ***INSANE GIGGLING*** And the other day… Moomin: Mom, let’s … finish reading Overheard at the sleepover

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ten percent

Ten percent of ten year old boys in the U.S. are on “stimulants” aka legal amphetamines aka speed. This is so obviously fucked up I don’t even know what to say about it. I keep thinking it is impossible for … finish reading ten percent

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choosing things

Moomin had a great playdate with Hamster…. SuperT and I lolled in the sun, stupefied. It’s supposed to rain all week. We went to the Hole, ate all the free samples. She gave me a quick shoulder massage and taught … finish reading choosing things

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getting the message

Moomin has this book called “Teasing” and in it the Brother bear teases the little Sister bear and then gets teased himself at school by Too-Tall and his gang, and doesn’t like it. Then big fat Milton Bear, the new … finish reading getting the message

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LGBT familes, teen advice to parents: Be prepared

Here is the liveblogging (cleaned up this time!) of the COLAGE panel about growing up in LGBT families. *********** There’s five people on the panel all looking just a tiny bit nervous. I’m admiring one girl’s pink flip-flops and matching … finish reading LGBT familes, teen advice to parents: Be prepared

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Retroactive mommyblogger Betty MacDonald

A shout out in praise of Betty MacDonald. The Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle books we all know, I think… but as I read them to Moomin I see how they function perfectly not just as teaching manuals for kids on how to behave … finish reading Retroactive mommyblogger Betty MacDonald

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risk of boredom: high

I’m reading this book called “RISK: A practical guide for deciding what’s really safe and what’s really dangerous in the world around you.” It is the dullest book ever. You could sum it all up by saying, “Shut up, entitled … finish reading risk of boredom: high

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in the castle

I just spent at least 5 hours on the floor sorting through bins and bins of CRAP. Quite a lot has been thrown away or put into bags for donation. Under the bed: – shoe box treasure chest with pennies– … finish reading in the castle

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