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So good and responsible, it hurts

A couple of weeks ago we got back from vacation and I went to report to Moomin’s school that I had forgotten to pick up the Independent Study packet. He only missed one, maybe 2 days of school. But I’d … finish reading So good and responsible, it hurts

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summer in the park again

running through the waterspouts Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I’m still sick, but took Moomin to the park. It was summery, hot but with a cool breeze, and I put the blanket in the shade so I could lie down. … finish reading summer in the park again

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"may I autograph your baby?"

"may I autograph your baby?" Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I had a great weekend at Wiscon, the feminist science fiction convention in Madison. There’s too many stories to tell, and I came back with bronchitis! But here’s a cute … finish reading "may I autograph your baby?"

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