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Reading Watership Down

Watership Down is our new bedtime reading book. Moomin and I started it last night. I gave him two warnings: it’s intense, and it sometimes has long boring descriptions of scenery. My pitch for the book was basically the book … finish reading Reading Watership Down

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Black Beauty vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

Tonight we reached the point in Black Beauty where the horse has galloped for 8 miles and back again to bring the doctor to the Squire’s wife, which saves her life *just in time*. The new stable boy, Little Joe … finish reading Black Beauty vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

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Reptile birthday!

millipede Originally uploaded by Liz Henry The reptiles at Moomin’s party were a hit. The reptile party guy brought several kinds of boas and pythons and a green anaconda, along with a monitor lizard and a tegu. There were also … finish reading Reptile birthday!

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