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Coffee with the Bad Moms

Bad Moms Coffee Originally uploaded by GraceD. Grace came to coffee hour with the badass mamas! And Elswhere (Travels in Booland) was visiting too! Sadly… Squid and Jo weren’t there and were much missed. It’s been what, four years I’ve … finish reading Coffee with the Bad Moms

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els arrives! and our adventures

els arrives! Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I don’t know why but I had pictured Elswhere being sort of serene, wise, and calm. Instead she’s cute and bouncy, hyper and giggly, shy and librarianly and geekgirlish. What’s with the serene … finish reading els arrives! and our adventures

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red hot motormouths in the red velvet buick

Breakfast again you-know-where on 3rd and Congress. Today they brought me coffee right away, with cream, without my asking. I watched the people behind the counter in their complicated dance, admiring how they worked together so smoothly… using just the … finish reading red hot motormouths in the red velvet buick

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