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Votes for women! Baths for kids!

What do you do when you’ve told your kid to go take a bath several times nad he’s still lounging around in underwear reading a graphic novel about Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Baaaaath time! I mean it this time! In! The … finish reading Votes for women! Baths for kids!

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Too cool for school

Moomin has been in “science and art” camp for weeks: Camp Galileo. They’re really organized and send home daily newsletters (mostly canned…) and at the end of the week, photos of all the kids and a certificate. I think the … finish reading Too cool for school

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A good Father’s Day present: The Daddy Shift

Hey! My friend Jeremy from Daddy Dialectic wrote a book, The Daddy Shift! I’m buying it as a Father’s Day present. Wow, it’s good! I can tell even without having read it, because part of the book is an interview … finish reading A good Father’s Day present: The Daddy Shift

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Back from WisCon!

We’re back from WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention that we go to every year! Moomin hung out in the kids’ room, cut out Girl Genius paper dolls, went swimming a lot, made enormous room-sized lego battles with forts and … finish reading Back from WisCon!

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Breakdancing at Bedtime

Tonight Moomin scolded me because I didn’t put him to bed early enough. It went like this. Moomin: MooooOOOOOM!!! Isn’t it awfully close to my BEDTIME? Shouldn’t you be putting me to bed? Me: But wait, you totally have to … finish reading Breakdancing at Bedtime

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Black Beauty vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

Tonight we reached the point in Black Beauty where the horse has galloped for 8 miles and back again to bring the doctor to the Squire’s wife, which saves her life *just in time*. The new stable boy, Little Joe … finish reading Black Beauty vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

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Advice from a grinch: throw it away!

Minnie and I are going to give each other the holiday gift of throwing each other’s crap away. We now have a pact to come over to each others’ houses and help the other to get rid of a godawful … finish reading Advice from a grinch: throw it away!

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Mom’s going on a trip again

I’ll see y’all at BlogHer in Boston and DC this weekend! I’ve been so busy. Moomin and Rook and I finished reading the first Narnia book. Now Moomin and I are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Moomin comments … finish reading Mom’s going on a trip again

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Santa’s a sexist!

I was just reading the first Narnia book to Moomin, somewhat against my better judgment, when we got to the scene with Father Christmas. The children are on the run, along with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, from the White Witch, … finish reading Santa’s a sexist!

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Where the Wild Things are Gay, Gay, Gay

Maurice Sendak just came out as gay to the New York Times. To me this is mommyblogger news. Was there anything he had never been asked? He paused for a few moments and answered, “Well, that I’m gay.” “I just … finish reading Where the Wild Things are Gay, Gay, Gay

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Practical Cat poems and a game of Blokus

Tonight Moomin and I read poems. I pulled out some books we haven’t looked at in a long time. One is an old, slightly dusty hardback from 1963 called “The Birds and the Beasts Were There“, with very nice woodcuts. … finish reading Practical Cat poems and a game of Blokus

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Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wiretapping

Inside AT&T TSD-3600E Telephone Security Device (Clipper Chip)Originally uploaded by mab @ flickr We went out for pizza and arcade games and air conditioning tonight, and brought our books. Moomin described his book, Fantastic Mr. Fox. “The farmers are SO … finish reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wiretapping

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Protectors of the Small

I love it that my friend’s daughter just called me at 8:30 in the morning, desperate to borrow Page, the second book in the Tamora Pierce series, “Protector of the Small”. It’s a young adult fantasy series about a 10 … finish reading Protectors of the Small

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Retroactive mommyblogger Betty MacDonald

A shout out in praise of Betty MacDonald. The Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle books we all know, I think… but as I read them to Moomin I see how they function perfectly not just as teaching manuals for kids on how to behave … finish reading Retroactive mommyblogger Betty MacDonald

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libraries, turitellae, punk!

I sneaked out of the conference this morning, ate at Las Manitas again, talked to a kid and dad who were on spring break vacation from El Paso and told them about where to find fossils, figuring I wouldn’t get … finish reading libraries, turitellae, punk!

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