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In search of ping pong balls

The two gross of ping pong balls that I ordered online aren’t here in time to spray paint them black to use as cannonballs for the party. So I went off this afternoon in search of the cheapest ping pong … finish reading In search of ping pong balls

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Santa’s a sexist!

I was just reading the first Narnia book to Moomin, somewhat against my better judgment, when we got to the scene with Father Christmas. The children are on the run, along with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, from the White Witch, … finish reading Santa’s a sexist!

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That’s what Grandmas are for, I guess

My mom just gave Moomin an earful of stories from her childhood. I tried to get my great-grandma to tell me about her childhood once. “Come on, Nana, what was it like, what was different? What was it like being … finish reading That’s what Grandmas are for, I guess

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Spontaneous mini road trip

beach day Originally uploaded by Liz. Moomin and I took the long way back from SF to home. We ate bagels at the cafe in Montara, talking about whales. He brought my bagel and his and my latte to the … finish reading Spontaneous mini road trip

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It was magic!

These sketches are from two small books I made for Moomin when he was two. One is a simple picture book called “What Little Birds Do” that has a different verb and action on each page. The other was a … finish reading It was magic!

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The kids next door

After reading Joshua Norton’s strip mining blog I was thinking about rh and lh and their cousins who used to live next door to me up in the Santa Cruz Mtns. The youngest was 7, rh was 11 and lh … finish reading The kids next door

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