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That green stuff scrolling on a black window

Good questions that Moomin’s awesome friend just asked me: Do you feel better yet? Are you only a little bit sick? Are you working in your bed? Are you programming in javascript? What programming languages do you use? What’s that? … finish reading That green stuff scrolling on a black window

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Swimming at the rehab center

I thought it might motivate me to go and swim for physical therapy if Rook and Moomin came too. We got to the pool half an hour before it opened. Right behind the center, there’s a huge park. It looked … finish reading Swimming at the rehab center

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Bad interviews, bad moms

My first experience with real potty training this morning – not a good time as I was trying to work – and also because it seemed to be Day of Diarrhea. Aw man. I was ready to puke. It was … finish reading Bad interviews, bad moms

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