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Comic book camp!

day at campOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry Moomin’s comic book camp turned out to be pretty good. As foretold, their “outdoor activities” were sitting on the lawn playing checkers and walking to the Stanford bookstore. Maybe I’m projecting my own … finish reading Comic book camp!

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Night terrors

The past two nights Moomin had episodes of night terror or “pavor nocturnus”. He had them a lot when he was younger, from 2 or 3 to around age 5. Basically, it’s a sleep disorder like sleepwalking, but instead of … finish reading Night terrors

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Moomin goes to snack camp

M. at campOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry Moomin: This camp is GREAT! This is the best camp ever! They had Honey Nut Cheerios!!Me: Hahahaha! Awesome! Hahahaahah! Moomin: AND they had raisins.Me: No way. Hahahaha. Raisins! Moomin: Yes! At the first … finish reading Moomin goes to snack camp

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