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Changing my name to Chrysler

Dear Moomin, You know how Dad sings that song to you at bedtime, “I’m changing my name to Chrysler”? It was written in 1980, by Arlo Guthrie, when your Dad and I were about 10 years old. We read the … finish reading Changing my name to Chrysler

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Santa’s a sexist!

I was just reading the first Narnia book to Moomin, somewhat against my better judgment, when we got to the scene with Father Christmas. The children are on the run, along with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, from the White Witch, … finish reading Santa’s a sexist!

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Hurricane Iron Chef

My dad is in Houston, out by FM1960 between 45 and 290, closer to Spring than Tomball, a few blocks from Cypress Creek and Strack. If that doesn’t mean anything to you: It’s the northwest side, far off from downtown, … finish reading Hurricane Iron Chef

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Where the Wild Things are Gay, Gay, Gay

Maurice Sendak just came out as gay to the New York Times. To me this is mommyblogger news. Was there anything he had never been asked? He paused for a few moments and answered, “Well, that I’m gay.” “I just … finish reading Where the Wild Things are Gay, Gay, Gay

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Practical Cat poems and a game of Blokus

Tonight Moomin and I read poems. I pulled out some books we haven’t looked at in a long time. One is an old, slightly dusty hardback from 1963 called “The Birds and the Beasts Were There“, with very nice woodcuts. … finish reading Practical Cat poems and a game of Blokus

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Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wiretapping

Inside AT&T TSD-3600E Telephone Security Device (Clipper Chip)Originally uploaded by mab @ flickr We went out for pizza and arcade games and air conditioning tonight, and brought our books. Moomin described his book, Fantastic Mr. Fox. “The farmers are SO … finish reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wiretapping

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First day of fourth grade

first day of fourth gradeOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry “Mom, I like Mr. Rockclimber. He’s nice. But I am a little bit *suspicious*.” “Oh really, how come, did he crash into your car or something?”*** “No. What? Actually, he did … finish reading First day of fourth grade

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Monster smash!

We had a great time this weekend at the game con. In the kids’ room, Moomin played in two short games of Dungeons & Dragons and in an excellent game called Monster Smash. I loved the idea of Monster Smash. … finish reading Monster smash!

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