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Treasure Hunt with Puzzles: The Big Hunt

To prepare a good treasure hunt, first look for good hiding places. Then decide what order you want the hunters to range over the territory. Give yourself a lot of time for preparation. In a small space like a backyard … finish reading Treasure Hunt with Puzzles: The Big Hunt

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Treasure Hunts with Puzzles: The warmup

Moomin had two parties this year; one big one at his dad’s house and a small treasure hunt at the houseboat. He had read and immediately re-read the Elizabeth Enright book “Melendy Maze: A Spiderweb for Two”, which has a … finish reading Treasure Hunts with Puzzles: The warmup

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Birthday mayhem! With ammo and oceans!

Happy birthday Moomin! We went to Buck’s and opened presents. The staff brought a free ice cream sundae and sang happy birthday while playing on very out of tune tubas and trombones. Moomin looked ecstatic at the same time as … finish reading Birthday mayhem! With ammo and oceans!

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Reptile birthday!

millipede Originally uploaded by Liz Henry The reptiles at Moomin’s party were a hit. The reptile party guy brought several kinds of boas and pythons and a green anaconda, along with a monitor lizard and a tegu. There were also … finish reading Reptile birthday!

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stomping the city!

stomping the city! Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. We set up the city at the beginning of the party. Tension built, and a couple of hours later we announced that all the godzilla monsters would stomp the cities! Ingredients for … finish reading stomping the city!

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Doomed cities, shrieking kids

Phase one of the Godzilla party. I started things off with a couple of kids, and very quickly a bunch of them made skyscrapers with the boxes. There were at least two Clock Towers, a church, an aquarium, and the … finish reading Doomed cities, shrieking kids

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