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Zooming down the ramps

Today we went to St. Mary’s rec center playground in San Francisco. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Its layout is a lot better in some ways than the wheelchair accessible playground at Yerba Buena. There were … finish reading Zooming down the ramps

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Kayaking to the laundry room

We had a grand expedition yesterday for lunch. Moomin and I put in the laundry, then kayaked off around the point from our tiny harbor to a dock accessible only from a huge ladder. It leads to a locked gate … finish reading Kayaking to the laundry room

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Rebecca’s War at the taqueria

Moomin and I are reading Rebecca’s War, a book set during the Revolutionary War. I loved this book when I was little and since Moomin’s studying the American Revolution in school, this seemed like a good time for it. Rebecca … finish reading Rebecca’s War at the taqueria

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