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Hula hooping lasso trick

This summer Moomin mastered hula hooping with two or three hoops. It looks so cool! I wish I could do it! Hooping in Dolores Park He also learned a cool trick move from his aunt Minnie. You reach around behind … finish reading Hula hooping lasso trick

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How to dye kids’ hair funny colors

My hair has been purple for over 10 years. I bleach and dye it myself. I’ve also gotten to be an expert at dying kids’ hair funny colors. People ask me a lot how to put a colored streak in … finish reading How to dye kids’ hair funny colors

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Secret San Francisco city parks

I love San Francisco! This weekend I took Moomin to Caffeinated Comics at Mission and 30th, an Internet cafe and comic book store. We had to repeat a bit of comic book store ethics, to wit, don’t stand there reading … finish reading Secret San Francisco city parks

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Comic book camp!

day at campOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry Moomin’s comic book camp turned out to be pretty good. As foretold, their “outdoor activities” were sitting on the lawn playing checkers and walking to the Stanford bookstore. Maybe I’m projecting my own … finish reading Comic book camp!

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Spontaneous mini road trip

beach day Originally uploaded by Liz. Moomin and I took the long way back from SF to home. We ate bagels at the cafe in Montara, talking about whales. He brought my bagel and his and my latte to the … finish reading Spontaneous mini road trip

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Reptile birthday!

millipede Originally uploaded by Liz Henry The reptiles at Moomin’s party were a hit. The reptile party guy brought several kinds of boas and pythons and a green anaconda, along with a monitor lizard and a tegu. There were also … finish reading Reptile birthday!

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