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D&D grows up too much

Between the old school AD&D Monster Manual with amateurish cartoon drawings and the latest one with glistening 3-D-looking fangs in living color, Moomin chose the older book. I thought about why and realized that the design in D&D looks too … finish reading D&D grows up too much

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That’s what Grandmas are for, I guess

My mom just gave Moomin an earful of stories from her childhood. I tried to get my great-grandma to tell me about her childhood once. “Come on, Nana, what was it like, what was different? What was it like being … finish reading That’s what Grandmas are for, I guess

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Geeky cultural references

Yesterday Moomin tried to explain the joke from Knights of the Dinner Table, a comic book about a group of people in a role-playing game, to my mom. “And then he says, ‘I waste him with my crossbow…’ and that’s … finish reading Geeky cultural references

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Just a mommyblogger

First of all I had a blast at BlogHer this year! Now here’s the rant. I kept hearing people say they were “just a mommyblogger” or “not just a mommyblogger”. Come on, people! To the women who say they’re “not … finish reading Just a mommyblogger

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Farm camp!

Moomin loved farm camp! They skimmed cream off the milk, churned butter from it, got eggs from the henhouse, fed some goats, and saw lots of other animals. He has a choice at pool time of being a Cat, who … finish reading Farm camp!

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The Clean Up Message and the I Message

I’m reading a school handbook for new Kindergarten students and came across a page on the “I Message”. That, I know what it is. It’s when you go “I FEEL… BLAH… WHEN YOU… BLAH.” That prevents you from blaming the … finish reading The Clean Up Message and the I Message

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