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The most awesome, best birthday parties with weird themes and cool activities for geeky, creative kids.

Boat parade on Redwood Creek

A little motorboat covered in christmas lights with a tree at the prow was idling in the middle of our end of the harbor yesterday afteroon. We asked them what was up and they told us about a lighted boat … finish reading Boat parade on Redwood Creek

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Houseboat Christmas

Draping some mardi gras beads over a ficus tree . . . that was our Christmas decor last year. This year I’m determined not to be such a grinchy slacker. The floggings will continue until the boat is decorated! I … finish reading Houseboat Christmas

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Halloween parties and parades

My Zomboni from Plants vs. Zombies costume came out great. I painted the Zamboni design on white fabric with cheap tempera and tied it over my lap. A cardboard box would have made it too awkward to wheel myself around … finish reading Halloween parties and parades

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How to make a uterus piñata

Piñatas can be a lot of fun. I had them at birthday parties growing up, I’ve made them for my child, and I’ve also made uterus piñatas for baby showers three times now. What could be more ridiculous for a … finish reading How to make a uterus piñata

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Plants vs. Zombies cake

Moomin has been playing Plants Vs. Zombies this summer and will explain all the levels and what powers the plants have to anyone who will listen. This last weekend a friend of mine made a Plants vs. Zombies cake! Plants … finish reading Plants vs. Zombies cake

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Treasure Hunt with Puzzles: The Big Hunt

To prepare a good treasure hunt, first look for good hiding places. Then decide what order you want the hunters to range over the territory. Give yourself a lot of time for preparation. In a small space like a backyard … finish reading Treasure Hunt with Puzzles: The Big Hunt

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Treasure Hunts with Puzzles: The warmup

Moomin had two parties this year; one big one at his dad’s house and a small treasure hunt at the houseboat. He had read and immediately re-read the Elizabeth Enright book “Melendy Maze: A Spiderweb for Two”, which has a … finish reading Treasure Hunts with Puzzles: The warmup

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Zombie 80s prom in my closet

Over the last few weeks of taking Moomin to dance class and watching the “street jazz” girls dance around to “Thriller” I have learned that the latest fashion seems to be very, very tight shirts that go way down over … finish reading Zombie 80s prom in my closet

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A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

We’re building a labyrinth out of PVC pipe for our Halloween party! The idea is to make cheap, moveable panels, covered over with plastic or paper or sheets, decorate them, and make a maze. We’ll run or wheel through the … finish reading A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

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Being dragons together!

At the game con last weekend I played D&D and ran around with Moomin and some other kids, friends of the family and so on. The night before we played Carcassone and had some great conversations about Python, web page … finish reading Being dragons together!

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Birthday live action role playing game

Last week E. asked us to run a larp (a live action role-playing game) for her 13th birthday, sort of fantasy medieval-ish and with bandits and heroines, swords and combats. We found a good spot in a hilly wooded park … finish reading Birthday live action role playing game

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In search of ping pong balls

The two gross of ping pong balls that I ordered online aren’t here in time to spray paint them black to use as cannonballs for the party. So I went off this afternoon in search of the cheapest ping pong … finish reading In search of ping pong balls

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Birthday mayhem! With ammo and oceans!

Happy birthday Moomin! We went to Buck’s and opened presents. The staff brought a free ice cream sundae and sang happy birthday while playing on very out of tune tubas and trombones. Moomin looked ecstatic at the same time as … finish reading Birthday mayhem! With ammo and oceans!

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