How to make a Plants vs. Zombies costume

I’ve thought about how to make a Plants vs. Zombies costume. Here’s several good ways to make them yourself, very cheaply!

traffic cone zombie

DIY Traffic cone zombie costume: Brown jacket, red tie, green face powder, jeans and boots. For the traffic cone hat, I’d order a $4.00 pack of Construction cone party hats, good for creating a whole squad of zombies. But it would also be quite easy to make traffic cone hats from a cardboard box or some posterboard.

* Cut out the square base of the traffic cone from cardboard or foamboard.
* Measure around your head with a string.
* Use the string to mark a circle on the cardboard.
* Cut out the cardboard with a box knife.
* Cut out thinner cardboard or posterboard in a three-quarters-circle (sort of a Pac-Man shape) to make the cone.
* Tape it all together firmly on the inside with duct tape.
* Spray paint it orange. Or use tempera paint, or orange construction paper with lots of tape. A little black paint detailing will fancy it up.

For butter on top of the traffic cone zombie, take an ordinary square butter box. Open the flaps to the box and scallop them a bit so they look like butter melting. Paint the box yellow and tape it onto the top of your traffic cone. Now you can easily be a zombie with butter on your head!

Playdoh would also work well to create the butter on your head, but the cardboard box option would be a lot lighter. For extra realism for the splatted butter edges, use yellow felt cut in nice blobby shapes taped onto the bottom of the butter box.

Green face powder is easily available at Halloween or party stores. You could also use a combination of green face paint sticks (greasepaint) and regular face powder on top.

Since I use a wheelchair, I thought about being an ice machine zombie, the one driving a Zamboni. This might also work well with a bicycle or a stroller. Wear a red hat as the Zomboni driver does, and a black jacket. Use a cardboard box spray-painted white and blue, with a big red “Z” on it, for the Zomboni. Black wheels could be painted on or cut out of black foamboard. For the wheelchair, I could fasten this over my lap with some straps.

It would be very easy to convert a stroller into a cardboard-box Zomboni. Then put a red hat on your baby. Instant baby Plants vs. Zombies costume!

A bit of white fabric trailing behind the stroller or wheelchair would look great as the ice. Make it long enough to trail to the ground, but not so big that it gets caught in your wheels or that you trip on it.

zombie driving a zomboni

Crazy Dave is also an easy costume. White polo shirt, saucepan on your head, trim your beard if you dare or paste on a fake beard. For props, Crazy Dave could have bacon or a taco made out of cheap felt from the craft store. Felt is easy to glue together and usually costs about 50 cents per sheet.

Have fun being zombies! Or plants, but their costumes seem too clunky and annoying while zombies are easy.

Take a look at this Plants vs. Zombies cake if you love the game as much as we do!

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