Crockpot green curry chicken – cheap!

My staple food is chicken taco stuff made in a crockpot, but this week I varied it to be Thai green curry chicken stuff. I go to Trader Joe’s a couple of times a month to get luxury groceries, and then a couple of times a week, to the local Latin American corner store for my staple groceries. Here’s my green curry thai chicken recipe for the crockpot!

Jar of green curry stuff from Trader Joes (about $3)
1.5 lb boneless skinless chicken ($5)
Half a cabbage, chopped ($1)
Red bell and green ancho pepper, chopped ($3)
can of light coconut milk ($2)
3 roma tomatoes, chopped ($2)

I put everything in the crockpot and cook it for about 5 hours on the slow setting. I don’t bother to chop up the chicken. Once it cooks I can just break it up a bit with a wooden spoon.

Thai green curry chicken soup

During the week I ate my thai green curry chicken in a lot of different ways. It was good reheated with rice. It made a nice curried omelette. With chicken broth added, with cherry tomatoes cut in half, fresh red pepper and lime, and a few drops of hot pepper sauce, it’s extremely delicious soup. This week, I mostly ate the green curry as soup!

The container of chicken broth was another $2, limes are 5 for $1, a carton of cherry tomatoes was $3, and we can probably call the rice and eggs another $2. For about $25, I ate very well for an entire week, with minimal fuss and time, good variety, and fresh veggies every day.

The cabbage worked well as a cheap substitute for bamboo shoots. But this weekly crockpot comes out more expensive than tacos, because of the jar of curry sauce and the coconut millk.

I cook without onion, because onions disagree with Oblomovka, who is the only other person regularly eating my cooking. You might like onions in your curry though. Carrots would also be nice.

Moomin won’t eat stuff like this! He exists on a diet of hot dogs, bread and cheese, rice, carrots, korean snack seaweed, full fat chocolate yogurt, ice cream, chicken nuggets, cereal, peanut butter, and eggs.

Houseboat kitchen

This dinner-for-the-week plan would work better for me if I had a working microwave in the houseboat. Then I wouldn’t get a pan dirty to reheat food. As it is, I just heat up a little bit of the chicken stuff in a tiny non stick pan.

Next time I cook chicken tacos in the crockpot I’ll write up my recipe. And I already wrote up my recipe for crockpot congee.

What do you think of my cheap, no-fuss, time-saving cooking plan?

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