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Ice cream in a bag!

Moomin and Rook made Howtoons Ice Cream tonight in a couple of heavy-duty ziplock bags. The cream and eggs and sugar were in a small bag locked inside a larger bag of ice and salt. So, they wore welding and … finish reading Ice cream in a bag!

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A good Father’s Day present: The Daddy Shift

Hey! My friend Jeremy from Daddy Dialectic wrote a book, The Daddy Shift! I’m buying it as a Father’s Day present. Wow, it’s good! I can tell even without having read it, because part of the book is an interview … finish reading A good Father’s Day present: The Daddy Shift

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That green stuff scrolling on a black window

Good questions that Moomin’s awesome friend just asked me: Do you feel better yet? Are you only a little bit sick? Are you working in your bed? Are you programming in javascript? What programming languages do you use? What’s that? … finish reading That green stuff scrolling on a black window

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Back from WisCon!

We’re back from WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention that we go to every year! Moomin hung out in the kids’ room, cut out Girl Genius paper dolls, went swimming a lot, made enormous room-sized lego battles with forts and … finish reading Back from WisCon!

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