Minor acts of heroism

I gave Moomin all the swag I brought him from GeekGirlCon, and after plowing through a big stack of comic books he got very excited at three of them. “Mom! These are the best comic books EVER!!!” They were the three printed issues of Minor Acts of Heroism, which you can read as a webcomic too! He couldn’t quite describe why he liked them, because he was reading them all over again for the third time.

“Three young kids deal with life, love, water monsters, teleportation, super science, and all the other crazy stuff that comes along with being superheroes.”

minor acts of heroism cover issue 1

From the look of them and all the laughing the minor heroes must be a bit sarcastic, Percy Jackson style. Moomin liked the alternate pages and the extra sketches and info in the back and tomorrow morning is probably going to faint when I show him the trivia pages.

We are up to the Beorn chapter of The Hobbit (which I read to him years ago, but it’s ever better now.) He likes the funny bits. (Of course I always liked the horrible bits best.)

In other news, Moomin is writing a short story for scienc class, called The Organelle Adventures, where all the characters are parts of a cell.

It was an average day in Cell City, Animalia. Mike the Plasma Membrane was standing guard. Nicky the Nucleus was reading the book of DNA.

I can’t wait to see how this story goes. It’s not done, but the character descriptions completely rock and remind me of Moomin’s dad’s role-playing game character summaries.

I should have brought Moomin to GeekGirlCon but had no idea it was going to be so awesome. More about the con later! Anyway, the comic books are signed (so cool!) and I showed Moomin the photo of their creators, who were super fun to talk with about comics and feminism.

Minor Acts of Heroism creators!

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  1. Gail says:

    I read the synopsis of that book. Three young kids deal with life, love, water monsters, teleportation, super science, and all the other crazy stuff that comes along with being superheroes.

  2. I haven't heard from this yet and I would love to know more about the said comic, it looks interesting and i think it is. hmm do you have a link that has a review for this comic?

  3. Three young kids deal with life, love, water monsters, teleportation, super science, and all the other crazy stuff that comes along with being superheroes.

  4. Sounds interesting. I would love to know more about the said comic, it looks interesting and i think it is.

  5. bowbeaver says:

    This is gonna be a new great comic for children. I myself bought one for my kids. And they wanted to buy other books after reading it.

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