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Manatees and ponies in Seoul

This summer Moomin took two long trips with his dad, one to Korea where they went to Jeju island and Seoul to visit relatives, and another to upstate New York to Lake George. Moomin got to see manatees at the … finish reading Manatees and ponies in Seoul

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The Great Escape

We’re in the jungles of Florida! We keep ending up at tiki bars, eating slightly disgusting fried things. I had a piece of gator tail. On day 1, we stayed in Minneola, a tiny town right next to a lake … finish reading The Great Escape

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Visit to the manatees

We’re on our way to Florida to kayak with manatees. I tried to plan a trip that would be very easy for me to handle as a solo parent, but that would be something Moomin wants to do, like his … finish reading Visit to the manatees

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Punk Rock Dish Towels

While I was on vacation in the UK I wanted to find the perfect kitschy souvenir. It should be the equivalent of a china teacup that says “Memento of Lyme Regis”, but should be something you would buy in Hot … finish reading Punk Rock Dish Towels

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Travel with a kid – and a wheelchair

I set out to have a perfect day trip with Moomin this spring, right after a stressful time at work. IN fact it was a couple of weeks where I would pick him up from the aftercare at school at … finish reading Travel with a kid – and a wheelchair

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Letting babies bang on the laptop keys

On the plane coming home from BlogHer I lucked out and got a bulkhead seat next to the cutest baby. When his mom sat next to me, without thinking I went “Oh, awesome, I got lucky, a baby!” and she … finish reading Letting babies bang on the laptop keys

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Mom’s going on a trip again

I’ll see y’all at BlogHer in Boston and DC this weekend! I’ve been so busy. Moomin and Rook and I finished reading the first Narnia book. Now Moomin and I are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Moomin comments … finish reading Mom’s going on a trip again

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Packing light for my summer trip

Everything for Europe and at least 3 conferences has to fit inside two backpacks, one big and one small daypack! Help me out with some advice! I was inspired by the Own 100 Things idea and various “packing light” sites … finish reading Packing light for my summer trip

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cranky mom, airplanes

I swear I’m not making this up. Just now in Amelia’s in Deadwood, I was eating dinner with Minnie, Rook, Moomin, and our friend R. from San Diego. Two guys came up to us and said “OMG are you the … finish reading cranky mom, airplanes

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red hot motormouths in the red velvet buick

Breakfast again you-know-where on 3rd and Congress. Today they brought me coffee right away, with cream, without my asking. I watched the people behind the counter in their complicated dance, admiring how they worked together so smoothly… using just the … finish reading red hot motormouths in the red velvet buick

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Road trip with Dad to SXSWi

Highway 290 has this grungy smalltown beauty… the little towns are great. I wish I’d gotten a shot of the “hot rods” junk shop. Lots of cow fields, scraggly-pine scrubland, aging gas stations, tiny downtowns trying to have comebacks as … finish reading Road trip with Dad to SXSWi

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dinner, plane flight, parents’ house

Moomin almost puked during the plane landing! It was horrible! The rest of the flight I read a Mrs. Pollifax novel about being in Sicily and … “art” or something. It was one of the lamest books ever written. I … finish reading dinner, plane flight, parents’ house

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