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Marine Science Camp, day 1

At Marine Science Camp today, Moomin dissected a squid and thought about working as a non-fiction writer. He imagined a cartoon of the differences between Squidward and a real squid, so I might try to draw some modifications of Squidward … finish reading Marine Science Camp, day 1

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Hip hop camp!

Moomin’s been going to dance camp the last few weeks and he loves it. For years we’ve noticed this club, Community Street Jam, in the local parades and downtown performances, standing out from the crowd as they dance well and … finish reading Hip hop camp!

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Too cool for school

Moomin has been in “science and art” camp for weeks: Camp Galileo. They’re really organized and send home daily newsletters (mostly canned…) and at the end of the week, photos of all the kids and a certificate. I think the … finish reading Too cool for school

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Comic book camp!

day at campOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry Moomin’s comic book camp turned out to be pretty good. As foretold, their “outdoor activities” were sitting on the lawn playing checkers and walking to the Stanford bookstore. Maybe I’m projecting my own … finish reading Comic book camp!

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Moomin goes to snack camp

M. at campOriginally uploaded by Liz Henry Moomin: This camp is GREAT! This is the best camp ever! They had Honey Nut Cheerios!!Me: Hahahaha! Awesome! Hahahaahah! Moomin: AND they had raisins.Me: No way. Hahahaha. Raisins! Moomin: Yes! At the first … finish reading Moomin goes to snack camp

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Farm camp!

Moomin loved farm camp! They skimmed cream off the milk, churned butter from it, got eggs from the henhouse, fed some goats, and saw lots of other animals. He has a choice at pool time of being a Cat, who … finish reading Farm camp!

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