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"Family Club" steals money from Bay Area families

My sister Minnie, like so many other moms of young children, was looking for a social group for new moms. She left her Silicon Valley web developer job of 8 years to stay at home with her baby, and could … finish reading "Family Club" steals money from Bay Area families

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Castle stories and rainbow drawings

Here is a snippet from an otherwise trashed 2003 notebook. I wrote down a story as Moomin told it and acted it out with little animals and his toy wooden castle. Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle … finish reading Castle stories and rainbow drawings

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Being involved in local government

Here’s my town’s new General Plan. I just got this email from a community member, with a list of the committee meetings! I have not done much in the last year and a half, because of health issues, stopped going … finish reading Being involved in local government

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Happy Voting Day!

I’ve been so happy and excited all day today. We’re going to win, win, win! It gives me hope. I headed out to the polling place about 3pm. It’s about 5 blocks from my house, in a Lutheran church. Usually … finish reading Happy Voting Day!

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