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That green stuff scrolling on a black window

Good questions that Moomin’s awesome friend just asked me: Do you feel better yet? Are you only a little bit sick? Are you working in your bed? Are you programming in javascript? What programming languages do you use? What’s that? … finish reading That green stuff scrolling on a black window

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Reptile birthday!

millipede Originally uploaded by Liz Henry The reptiles at Moomin’s party were a hit. The reptile party guy brought several kinds of boas and pythons and a green anaconda, along with a monitor lizard and a tegu. There were also … finish reading Reptile birthday!

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LIke a mighty stream

Moomin and I went to the SF MOMA with Minnie today. Moomin made some great comments, snarking at some of Friedlander’s photos, “Did a KID take this or what?” (This specifically about one of the “Letters” series, a photo of … finish reading LIke a mighty stream

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Sam’s party

Sam’s party Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Salmon and satay and pizza and fruit and asparagus and two kinds of cake… a bouncy house, a trampoline, a musician, teenagers making balloon animals. It was mayhem, but not completely wild like … finish reading Sam’s party

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Coffee with the Bad Moms

Bad Moms Coffee Originally uploaded by GraceD. Grace came to coffee hour with the badass mamas! And Elswhere (Travels in Booland) was visiting too! Sadly… Squid and Jo weren’t there and were much missed. It’s been what, four years I’ve … finish reading Coffee with the Bad Moms

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els arrives! and our adventures

els arrives! Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I don’t know why but I had pictured Elswhere being sort of serene, wise, and calm. Instead she’s cute and bouncy, hyper and giggly, shy and librarianly and geekgirlish. What’s with the serene … finish reading els arrives! and our adventures

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Overheard at the sleepover

This morning from Moomin and Hamster in unison, a song, overheard circa 7am: Row, row, row your poop Gently down the poop! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Poop, poop poop, poop poop. ***INSANE GIGGLING*** And the other day… Moomin: Mom, let’s … finish reading Overheard at the sleepover

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mayhem in the badgerhouse

Moomin and Hamster have been shooting imaginary things for a couple of hours. Just now I was weeding, contemplating the destructive, preserving, and creative forces of Life in the form of some henbit along my rock border… and overheard this: … finish reading mayhem in the badgerhouse

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The kids next door

After reading Joshua Norton’s strip mining blog I was thinking about rh and lh and their cousins who used to live next door to me up in the Santa Cruz Mtns. The youngest was 7, rh was 11 and lh … finish reading The kids next door

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