Hula hooping lasso trick

This summer Moomin mastered hula hooping with two or three hoops. It looks so cool! I wish I could do it!

getting his arms under the hoop

master of three hoops

Hooping in Dolores Park

milo with two hula hoops

He also learned a cool trick move from his aunt Minnie. You reach around behind your back and grab the hoop, then spiral it up above your head and somehow magically keep it going WHILE ALSO SOMEHOW keeping the other hoop going. Moomin picked up how to do this on his second try and then after a few more tries, could do it fairly smoothly. Impressive!

What can I say. He certainly didn’t get this talent from me!

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109 Responses to Hula hooping lasso trick

  1. Wow she's good in Hula hooping huh! I know ho to do a Hula hooping but i am not good as like her .

  2. What I hate most in my childhood is that I never tried learning hula hooping, I know its that easy for others to play but for me, I just can't do it. 😀

  3. Debbie is right, me too. I like watching others do the hula hooping and i'm a bit envious with them. It's too easy for them to do it unlike me the hula hoop can't even stay 10 seconds in my waist.. haha funny but true.

  4. Nigel says:

    That boy is very good at hula hooping. I've never seen such talented performance of hula hooping at his age of boys or girls. Really admiring job!! Thanks for letting know.

  5. Amazing she actually is great in Hula hooping huh! I realize ho to complete some sort of Hula hooping but i'm negative as just like the woman.

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  44. Josh says:

    Way to go Moomin! I've secretly always been jealous of people who could hula hoop. Never mastered the art myself, but it's okay because I've mastered quite a few other types of art in my lifetime.

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