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Games: How to Play “Car”

When my sister and I were little, I made up a really good game called “Car”. We played it again the other day with her 3 year old son who is the perfect age for it. To play Car, the … finish reading Games: How to Play “Car”

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How Texan Are You?

Here’s a silly meme quiz! I have gotten drunk on 6th Street, and I have ridden a horse. I know when the Battle of San Jacinto happened! And where they make Bluebell Ice Cream! You are 77% REAL Texan!! You’re … finish reading How Texan Are You?

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What not to wear: No to Knives!

Things you can get away with wearing if you are not a parent, but might want to use your judgement about, if you are around kids who can read: Stabby McKnife This got me thinking. I mean, about 2 percent … finish reading What not to wear: No to Knives!

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