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Playground meltdowns and social storms

Hey, if you’re curious, go take a look at my story for “Can I Sit With You” on my friend’s blog about social life in elementary school. The site is still taking submissions! We all have stories to tell about … finish reading Playground meltdowns and social storms

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Flash drives and acorns

For weeks Moomin has been collecting acorns at recess, squirreling them away in his backpack, and bringing them home as treasure. They show up in the laundry and in the kitchen and in his bed. I’ve been so sick this … finish reading Flash drives and acorns

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An extra sweet smile

At Squid‘s house today, Leelo smiled at me a lot. Maybe he likes my silly hair? He also walked up and sat down next to me several times — and once he asked for my bracelets very clearly. I gave … finish reading An extra sweet smile

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Keeping that school campus "safe"

Imagine getting a call about your daughter at high school – but it’s not from the school, it’s from your kid’s friend. Your daughter has been arrested and injured in the process. You go to the school but no one … finish reading Keeping that school campus "safe"

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