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Diorama time!

Moomin is making his first “diorama project” for school! It’s for a book report on Max and Me and the Time Machine, about two kids who go back to vaguely inaccurate “medieval times”, meet an alchemist and some knights, and … finish reading Diorama time!

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Weird pseudo-date school fundraisers

I’m kind of a jerk about school fundraiser events and in fact it is an area you might call me un-civic-minded. The girl scout cookie thing, the wrapping paper, the cookie dough, the auctions… God I hate the idea of … finish reading Weird pseudo-date school fundraisers

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I can has explanation?

Moomin is sitting at his computer and laughing hysterically at I Can Has Cheezburger? as he talks to himself about why they’re funny. Sometimes I go and explain the humor as best I can, but I just totally avoided going … finish reading I can has explanation?

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