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So much work to do

I’m super overloaded with work, deadlines, the house is messy. Moomin wants attention, and cried because he couldn’t find the DVD remote to watch his new Dungeons and Dragons animated TV series episodes. “I’ll just hit play on the DVD … finish reading So much work to do

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"Boyish" on one side and "girly" on the other

Jo‘s younger daughter, Sophie, was over yesterday, and persuaded us all that “High School Musical” was the best movie ever, and we should rent it instead of watching Godzilla or old Star Trek Animated Series episodes. What do you know … finish reading "Boyish" on one side and "girly" on the other

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Good old duct tape

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with my housemate‘s kid, Peanut. We visited Moomin’s school, where she was awed by Big Kids and learned a jumprope rhyme. (Ice cream soda! Cherry on top! Who’s your boyfriend? I forgot! A, … finish reading Good old duct tape

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My kid is so beautiful I might explode

You know those moments when another person is so gorgeous and such a separate person that you want to cry and laugh and squeeze them and watch them without them knowing, all at once? This morning I parked the car, … finish reading My kid is so beautiful I might explode

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How to eat bugs

Yesterday I promised Eliz. that I’d lend her some pocket field guides for her school camping trip, and then I forgot to drop them off. So I just hauled ass to her school, after dropping off Moomin at his. An … finish reading How to eat bugs

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Silly frivolous beautiful things

The Amazon reviews for this jug of milk really made my day. There’s a long story about “GranGran” and how ordering milk over the Internet made her final days easier, and it had me laughing hysterically while also pleased as … finish reading Silly frivolous beautiful things

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Martin Luther King

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Marching Loofah Thing

Moomin and I were singing the Internationale in the car. Afterwards he said, “You know, Mom, I think that song is kind of a — —– song.” “A what? Marching Loofah? What?” (I am a little deaf.) “No!!! MARTIN LOOFAH! … finish reading Marching Loofah Thing

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A little punk rock for your morning

It just occurred to me that my banner promises “punk” and that I never write about it here. So here’s a taste! Good morning blog mamas! I was writing on BlogHer about Las ultras√ɬ≥nicas, a punk band from Mexico, and … finish reading A little punk rock for your morning

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The tiny bites taker picky slow eater

How can a human being eat so slowly? How can it take over an hour to ingest a perfectly good grilled cheese sandwich, cooked with care and attention so it is hardly burnt at all? An itty bitty corner of … finish reading The tiny bites taker picky slow eater

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"Providing natural immunity" to chickenpox

Here’s something that may shock you. Despite that we have a great vaccine against chickenpox, some people think it’s a fabulous idea to infect their kids with this disease on purpose. What do you think? “Natural immunity” somehow better than … finish reading "Providing natural immunity" to chickenpox

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In which I am middle aged

Apparently the generation below mine (GenX) is being called “Millennials” and its defining characteristics are: – texting all the time– multitasking– watching tv while on computer with friends– owning a lot of dead iPods Unfortunately I’m well on my way … finish reading In which I am middle aged

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Schools, choice, and elitism

I’m thinking over many issues in the past few weeks. We are applying to send Moomin to the gifted/talented public school in our district. Meanwhile, I continue going to meetings and believing more and more that we need to give … finish reading Schools, choice, and elitism

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Feet on the desk

My mom is now an internet rockstar, on the Slacking While Working blog! Good job, mom! Also… ? Nice disco boots! Related posts:estate sale apron… thanks, dead ladyto make the california people laugh

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Duck soup and the Socratic method

We watched the Marx Brothers movie “Duck Soup” the other night. Today I watched Rook and Moomin act out the mirror scene from the movie – Rook pretending he was thinking that Moomin was his reflection in the mirror. Then … finish reading Duck soup and the Socratic method

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It was magic!

These sketches are from two small books I made for Moomin when he was two. One is a simple picture book called “What Little Birds Do” that has a different verb and action on each page. The other was a … finish reading It was magic!

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Huge marble drop construction project

After my day of extreme scandalous naughtiness and gallivanting, I’m spending today helping Moomin and his friend Iz make a floor to ceiling marble drop. It’s sort of like the game “Mousetrap” – they want to drop a marble at … finish reading Huge marble drop construction project

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