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Our tinfoil helmets at the ready

tinfoil helmet Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. We had a great time at Maker Faire yesterday! Consider how the tinfoil helmet making booth succeeded! It was so simple. The suggestion of space aliens and tinfoil, provided by the giant UFO … finish reading Our tinfoil helmets at the ready

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Son of an English teacher

Today in the car Moomin asked me if I wanted to hear about the coolest and most powerful superhero ever. “Heck yes! Who is it?” “Well, I’ve just made him up.” “What’s his name?” “Wild Fighter, Son of the Sabertooth.” … finish reading Son of an English teacher

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Happy Mother’s Day

Image_16.jpg Originally uploaded by not halfway there. Happy Mothers Day to Minnie! I just got back to town from a trip for work. I’m told that Moomin has a present for me. Can’t wait! Will it be built out of … finish reading Happy Mother’s Day

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SO excited!

My sister’s water broke! Screamything, coming soon! I’ll be snorgling it! I recall when my water broke I started babbling “I’m not ready! But, I’m just not ready for this!” Then “Ewwww wow that’s cool there is a lot of … finish reading SO excited!

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How to talk to a kid

Some grownups don’t know how. Here is a fine example. Moomin: Excuse me? I would just like to tell you, um… Do you want to hear about my tooth?Squid: Yes! I would love to hear about your tooth.Moomin: Well, do … finish reading How to talk to a kid

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In which I explain about buckets

iminur_heystopit1 Originally uploaded by marvins_dad. While I’ve been stuck in bed, Moomin has discovered the main joys of the Internet, and is now well versed in I can has cheezburger? language. We’ve explained all the stuff about walruses and buckets … finish reading In which I explain about buckets

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