Green kayak’s light

Moomin made up a good superhero oath based on the Green Lantern Oath while we were out in the kayaks picking up trash.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No litter shall escape my sight –
Let those who worship pollution’s might
Beware my power – Green Kayak’s light!

Spring Break

This is so perfect because his kayak is green and he’s a huge fan of Green Lantern!

If I ever get it together to bail the rain out of our boats, we can go out again on our anti-litter mission and clean up the creek some more!

We were talking about our system of “badges” for things like joining the Water Rat Club and the Harbor Club, which is just some index cards up on the wall that list what you have to do to put your name on the card. I suggested “Trashmaster” for taking out the trash and “The Sucker Club” for vacuuming but that led to Moomin figuring we might as well not have clubs anymore if they aren’t going to be fun ones. It was a good try.

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