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Composite: Tech and Poetics: my blog about writing and thinking, with the parenting bits mostly left out.
Badgermama, my geeky parenting blog
Towards an Anthology of Spanish-American Women Poets by Liz Henry
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  1. carol says:

    just read your 'kids and wheelchair manners'…a fun and important read for all. i enjoyed your sharp, intelligent and funny wit. keep on blogging…and teaching!

  2. meriah says:

    Somehow I have your Working Women and Disability post from last year bookmarked on this here my work computer (I'm deaf, have a daughter with Ds AND manage a program at UCB for students/grads with disabilities). I just re-posted on facebook since it's still so relevant.
    Glad to find your blog now – I'm going to keep tabs on you – you seem very, very cool.

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