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Bad interviews, bad moms

My first experience with real potty training this morning – not a good time as I was trying to work – and also because it seemed to be Day of Diarrhea. Aw man. I was ready to puke. It was … finish reading Bad interviews, bad moms

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Bossing babies, problems of translation

After a month long time with barely any babysitting – seems like forever – I have now added an extra morning – a friend of a friend who has a home daycare. There, this morning, Moomin discovered the joys of … finish reading Bossing babies, problems of translation

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The kids next door

After reading Joshua Norton’s strip mining blog I was thinking about rh and lh and their cousins who used to live next door to me up in the Santa Cruz Mtns. The youngest was 7, rh was 11 and lh … finish reading The kids next door

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Ass-spackle, Invisigirdle, and ElbOff!

Today I was supposed to finish doing laundry, mow the lawn, buy a pitchfork, turn compost heap, maybe buy some lumber to build a sandbox, finish all reading for class, type up class notes. Instead: did a little homework, pointlessly … finish reading Ass-spackle, Invisigirdle, and ElbOff!

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Thanks for showing us your beaver

Moomin looking out the window at the plastic yard animal in the grass: “Scuse me, Mister Beaver, you all wet, you having a bath, you need a towel?” Me and Minnie cracking up at this sweet concern on his part. … finish reading Thanks for showing us your beaver

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About bags

About Bags I have this problem with backpacks and bags and purses… My theory of bags is that they are a manifestation of goddess-like power, of feminine abundance and fertility. Like the mother in The Swiss Family Robinson, in any … finish reading About bags

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