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Recovering from domestic violence – with community help

This last month I’ve watched, from a distance, a little bit of what happens when women face domestic violence. Julie from Tangobaby has been blogging about her friendship with K. and her family, a friendship which started back in April. … finish reading Recovering from domestic violence – with community help

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Just a mommyblogger

First of all I had a blast at BlogHer this year! Now here’s the rant. I kept hearing people say they were “just a mommyblogger” or “not just a mommyblogger”. Come on, people! To the women who say they’re “not … finish reading Just a mommyblogger

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woolfcamplet, early thoughts

Up the road to Squid’s house in the woods. Rivers pour across the road, leading me to think of the imperfections of civilization. Wouldn’t you think this road would have proper drainage by now, and culverts underneath? But on the … finish reading woolfcamplet, early thoughts

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About bags

About Bags I have this problem with backpacks and bags and purses… My theory of bags is that they are a manifestation of goddess-like power, of feminine abundance and fertility. Like the mother in The Swiss Family Robinson, in any … finish reading About bags

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