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Boldness and privilege in The Golden Compass

I saw the Golden Compass for the first time last week, and felt a sort of thrilling identification with Lyra in her moments of ridiculous bravery. She’d step forward and speak up, to the Panzerbjorn king or to the line … finish reading Boldness and privilege in The Golden Compass

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Spying on the minds of winged kittens

Moomin spent some time at breakfast explaining his imaginary morning. He’d been pretending that he wrote the Catwings books, and that they were true stories. He was sitting with the winged kittens of the story, telling them how he had … finish reading Spying on the minds of winged kittens

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Four wheels just like you

Today after the wild excitement of the toy and bike shop with his Grandma, Moomin rode the bike out of the store, down the ramp, to the back parking lot where I had my car. His bike is green and … finish reading Four wheels just like you

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Craftiness and singing rock songs

As I listened tonight to Moomin’s school choir singing “Mamma Mia”, “American Pie”, and “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)” very deer in the headlights and solemn, I wondered what strange choral adaptations of current pop songs … finish reading Craftiness and singing rock songs

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Yay! new chair!

Moomin just came home from school and yelled, YAAAAY! I was right, this IS a great day! Mom’s new wheelchair is here! Yay indeed. The thing is 17 pounds and it’s like being a tiny slick ball bearing as I … finish reading Yay! new chair!

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Pain, disability, and parenting

Pain makes it hard to pay attention to other people and their needs. That makes it hard for me to be the parent I want to be. Being a working and disabled mom has been very tough. Everything changed so … finish reading Pain, disability, and parenting

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