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Free in the sea!

Tonight while we were reading 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea we got to one of my favorite parts of the book. Captain Nemo gave a little speech about how much he loves the sea, where he’s free from unjust laws. … finish reading Free in the sea!

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Games: How to Play “Car”

When my sister and I were little, I made up a really good game called “Car”. We played it again the other day with her 3 year old son who is the perfect age for it. To play Car, the … finish reading Games: How to Play “Car”

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Making up superheroes

Moomin had a lot to say today in the car on the way home from dance class, where they were learning the dance to “Thriller”. I asked him to tell me it all over again when we got home so … finish reading Making up superheroes

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Super Evil Flying Pecker Beaver

When I’m working so well and so smoothly it pains me to stop for anything. I eat while working, and … I confess with the whole laptop wireless thing… I have been known to pee with laptop perched… I can … finish reading Super Evil Flying Pecker Beaver

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playing animals

After an evening of staring at these thesis guidelines I turned to a nice hot bath and a relaxing book… Watership Down, which I nicked from my parents’ bookshelf. I was remembering how me and Bam Perry, a self-declared “cajun … finish reading playing animals

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mayhem in the badgerhouse

Moomin and Hamster have been shooting imaginary things for a couple of hours. Just now I was weeding, contemplating the destructive, preserving, and creative forces of Life in the form of some henbit along my rock border… and overheard this: … finish reading mayhem in the badgerhouse

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a great battle

Rook just showed me this marvellous home-made video of a lightsaber fight by Ryan Wieber and Michael “Dorkman” Scott, some Menlo Park teenagers. That’s some damn fine fight choreography! Really, watch the whole thing. Perfect pacing and acting, dramatic tension … finish reading a great battle

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