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Stalking the wily narwhal: Reading the classics aloud with children

Tonight I started reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to Moomin. We skipped a bit of the first chapter’s exposition. Moomin commented a lot on the long sentences that go on till you forget what they’re about. I think it … finish reading Stalking the wily narwhal: Reading the classics aloud with children

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Kayaking with glowsticks

The other night we kayaked slowly into the dark with glowsticks around our wrists and paddles. The water was glassy smooth. Boats at night should have a red light to port, green light to starboard, and a white light in … finish reading Kayaking with glowsticks

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Cheap Art Manifesto

Moomin reads the Why Cheap Art? Manifesto aloud. One day he noticed it taped to the wall and read it with great enthusiasm! “PEOPLE have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH. … finish reading Cheap Art Manifesto

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How to dye kids’ hair funny colors

My hair has been purple for over 10 years. I bleach and dye it myself. I’ve also gotten to be an expert at dying kids’ hair funny colors. People ask me a lot how to put a colored streak in … finish reading How to dye kids’ hair funny colors

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Bayview to Breakers!

I’m excited! We’re going to Bayview to Breakers today. Though we won’t have boats, we’ll meet people and cheer on whoever is there with kayaks or art boats or weird rafts made of plastic bottles. I’ve only driven around this … finish reading Bayview to Breakers!

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Watching meteors from the roof

Last night we set up sleeping bags on the roof of the quarterdeck to watch the Perseid meteor shower. I’ve been thinking about doing this all summer! Two sleeping bags, a lot of pillows, an extra blanket, extra fuzzy socks, … finish reading Watching meteors from the roof

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