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Being dragons together!

At the game con last weekend I played D&D and ran around with Moomin and some other kids, friends of the family and so on. The night before we played Carcassone and had some great conversations about Python, web page … finish reading Being dragons together!

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Back from WisCon!

We’re back from WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention that we go to every year! Moomin hung out in the kids’ room, cut out Girl Genius paper dolls, went swimming a lot, made enormous room-sized lego battles with forts and … finish reading Back from WisCon!

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Mom’s going on a trip again

I’ll see y’all at BlogHer in Boston and DC this weekend! I’ve been so busy. Moomin and Rook and I finished reading the first Narnia book. Now Moomin and I are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Moomin comments … finish reading Mom’s going on a trip again

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Packing light for my summer trip

Everything for Europe and at least 3 conferences has to fit inside two backpacks, one big and one small daypack! Help me out with some advice! I was inspired by the Own 100 Things idea and various “packing light” sites … finish reading Packing light for my summer trip

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woolfcamplet, early thoughts

Up the road to Squid’s house in the woods. Rivers pour across the road, leading me to think of the imperfections of civilization. Wouldn’t you think this road would have proper drainage by now, and culverts underneath? But on the … finish reading woolfcamplet, early thoughts

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Henry Rollins talk

I can’t get in to the Henry Rollins talk. But I did once try to rip his shorts off in 1984 or so, at a Black Flag concert in Houston – he was wearing nothing but these little jogging shorts … finish reading Henry Rollins talk

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Road trip with Dad to SXSWi

Highway 290 has this grungy smalltown beauty… the little towns are great. I wish I’d gotten a shot of the “hot rods” junk shop. Lots of cow fields, scraggly-pine scrubland, aging gas stations, tiny downtowns trying to have comebacks as … finish reading Road trip with Dad to SXSWi

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