Dubstep pop and lock dance video

Moomin loved this video and I did too! The dancer is called Nonstop and is part of the group Remote Kontrol. He is amazingly good at the kind of pop and lock that imitates computer and animated film effects. You can see places where he rewinds, strobes, does slow motion or speeds up, and just plain looks unnatural like an avatar in Second Life or a video game. No special effects though — all dance!

We watched this a few times in a row. I felt a little bit like I was hallucinating, watching him.

three images of the dancer named Nonstop

Moomin is in a pop and lock class at his dance studio and thinks the stuff about isolation is interesting, but it isn’t his style and he prefers hip hop to breakdancing.

While I watched more of Nonstop’s videos I thought of rehab exercises and moving underwater. Though I will never dance like this I think of the motion of walking and gait in the way I imagine a dancer might, concentrating on all the little muscles and how I’m balancing.

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