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Zombie 80s prom in my closet

Over the last few weeks of taking Moomin to dance class and watching the “street jazz” girls dance around to “Thriller” I have learned that the latest fashion seems to be very, very tight shirts that go way down over … finish reading Zombie 80s prom in my closet

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A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

We’re building a labyrinth out of PVC pipe for our Halloween party! The idea is to make cheap, moveable panels, covered over with plastic or paper or sheets, decorate them, and make a maze. We’ll run or wheel through the … finish reading A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

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Mittens on a string

Moomin was reading Farmer Boy this afternoon and came kind of starry eyed to ask me, “You know how Almanzo has mittens, connected by a string, that go up through the sleeves of his coat and around his neck and … finish reading Mittens on a string

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Making up superheroes

Moomin had a lot to say today in the car on the way home from dance class, where they were learning the dance to “Thriller”. I asked him to tell me it all over again when we got home so … finish reading Making up superheroes

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