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Minor acts of heroism

I gave Moomin all the swag I brought him from GeekGirlCon, and after plowing through a big stack of comic books he got very excited at three of them. “Mom! These are the best comic books EVER!!!” They were the … finish reading Minor acts of heroism

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Hula hooping lasso trick

This summer Moomin mastered hula hooping with two or three hoops. It looks so cool! I wish I could do it! Hooping in Dolores Park He also learned a cool trick move from his aunt Minnie. You reach around behind … finish reading Hula hooping lasso trick

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Dubstep pop and lock dance video

Moomin loved this video and I did too! The dancer is called Nonstop and is part of the group Remote Kontrol. He is amazingly good at the kind of pop and lock that imitates computer and animated film effects. You … finish reading Dubstep pop and lock dance video

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