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Zooming down the ramps

Today we went to St. Mary’s rec center playground in San Francisco. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Its layout is a lot better in some ways than the wheelchair accessible playground at Yerba Buena. There were … finish reading Zooming down the ramps

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Rebecca’s War at the taqueria

Moomin and I are reading Rebecca’s War, a book set during the Revolutionary War. I loved this book when I was little and since Moomin’s studying the American Revolution in school, this seemed like a good time for it. Rebecca … finish reading Rebecca’s War at the taqueria

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A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

We’re building a labyrinth out of PVC pipe for our Halloween party! The idea is to make cheap, moveable panels, covered over with plastic or paper or sheets, decorate them, and make a maze. We’ll run or wheel through the … finish reading A-maze-ing Halloween Plans

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Red convertible

liz&halleycar.jpgOriginally uploaded by dawniemom HELLO!!! From Boston! I’m having a great time at the BlogHer conference. I did the blogging workshop in Boston and then in Washington DC, met a ton of people, and had a great time! This car … finish reading Red convertible

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Hurricane Iron Chef

My dad is in Houston, out by FM1960 between 45 and 290, closer to Spring than Tomball, a few blocks from Cypress Creek and Strack. If that doesn’t mean anything to you: It’s the northwest side, far off from downtown, … finish reading Hurricane Iron Chef

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Meeting Tamora Pierce – WisCon with kids

We had a great time at WisCon last weekend. There was a costume party night with the theme of academia; so, any outfit that was from a science fiction or fantasy school. Moomin dressed as a squire from Tamora Pierce‘s … finish reading Meeting Tamora Pierce – WisCon with kids

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Math and stories!

sea turtle shirt Originally uploaded by Liz Henry Well, Moomin raised $565.10 for St. Jude Hospital with his Mathathon! I’m so proud! Thank you to everyone who pledged and donated. Tonight he had to write a “silly story” with his … finish reading Math and stories!

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CISWY reading in Seattle, this weekend!

Liz Reading at Queer Open Mic Originally uploaded by Liz. I am road tripping up to Seattle this week! If you are there please come see me at this event ! I would love to see you all and would … finish reading CISWY reading in Seattle, this weekend!

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Inconceivable: the really intense reactions

It continues to amaze me how people are reacting. – The arguments that if a woman did this project just once, or if she had been pregnant by accident, and then aborted/miscarried and documented it, then it would be okay. … finish reading Inconceivable: the really intense reactions

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Coffee with badass mamas

pool Originally uploaded by Liz Henry This morning’s coffee hour was particularly nice. I was bummed about being back in the wheelchair today, and I was in pain. But then everybody made me laugh. My hurting bones baked in the … finish reading Coffee with badass mamas

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How not to talk to your teacher

Moomin had his second report card of the year and got very good grades. I went to the parent-teacher conference thinking “THIS time I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I’ll listen to what the teachers have to say, since … finish reading How not to talk to your teacher

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Barack Skywalker rules the back seat

Moomin’s friend Hamster asked me today who I was going to vote for. Then he asked if I knew who Dick Cheney was and if I thought that “Darth Cheney” was a funny name for him because he wasn’t a … finish reading Barack Skywalker rules the back seat

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Power to the skate punks

this is my wtf face Originally uploaded by Liz Henry I would like to say thank you to the nice middle school skater punks outside North Star Academy who at my request walked through the building to open the door … finish reading Power to the skate punks

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I can has explanation?

Moomin is sitting at his computer and laughing hysterically at I Can Has Cheezburger? as he talks to himself about why they’re funny. Sometimes I go and explain the humor as best I can, but I just totally avoided going … finish reading I can has explanation?

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Spying on the minds of winged kittens

Moomin spent some time at breakfast explaining his imaginary morning. He’d been pretending that he wrote the Catwings books, and that they were true stories. He was sitting with the winged kittens of the story, telling them how he had … finish reading Spying on the minds of winged kittens

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Four wheels just like you

Today after the wild excitement of the toy and bike shop with his Grandma, Moomin rode the bike out of the store, down the ramp, to the back parking lot where I had my car. His bike is green and … finish reading Four wheels just like you

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Craftiness and singing rock songs

As I listened tonight to Moomin’s school choir singing “Mamma Mia”, “American Pie”, and “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)” very deer in the headlights and solemn, I wondered what strange choral adaptations of current pop songs … finish reading Craftiness and singing rock songs

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Yay! new chair!

Moomin just came home from school and yelled, YAAAAY! I was right, this IS a great day! Mom’s new wheelchair is here! Yay indeed. The thing is 17 pounds and it’s like being a tiny slick ball bearing as I … finish reading Yay! new chair!

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Playground meltdowns and social storms

Hey, if you’re curious, go take a look at my story for “Can I Sit With You” on my friend’s blog about social life in elementary school. The site is still taking submissions! We all have stories to tell about … finish reading Playground meltdowns and social storms

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Flash drives and acorns

For weeks Moomin has been collecting acorns at recess, squirreling them away in his backpack, and bringing them home as treasure. They show up in the laundry and in the kitchen and in his bed. I’ve been so sick this … finish reading Flash drives and acorns

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