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Mephistopheles vs. the Whirlwind

john and milo Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Last night while playing a board game, “Talisman”, Moomin had a choice between two cards. He had to take one of them to affect his character, The Prophetess. The first card, Mephistopheles, … finish reading Mephistopheles vs. the Whirlwind

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Helping and independence

morning comic books in bed Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I’m managing fairly well on crutches as long as I don’t have to go very far, drive a lot, or sit up for a long time. I think sitting up … finish reading Helping and independence

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Magic miracle organizer housekeeper needed

dear son, i am sorry but your mom lives in squalor Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Anyone want to come and tidy up… not like, cleaning and mopping or anything, but just put away everything in logical places? For pay? … finish reading Magic miracle organizer housekeeper needed

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The Pollyanna Special

crutch pockets made of duct tape Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Using crutches can be a pain. Besides any physical pain, they’re inconvenient because while you’re moving, your hands are always full. Around 10 years ago I made these crutch … finish reading The Pollyanna Special

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Robots at the street fair

book festival, or something? Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I’m not sure if I just had fun or was bored out of my mind. The sky was blue, the plaza clean and bright, the little kids were running around having … finish reading Robots at the street fair

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