Magic miracle organizer housekeeper needed

Anyone want to come and tidy up… not like, cleaning and mopping or anything, but just put away everything in logical places? For pay? I’m still on crutches, and can’t bend over very well. Rook’s working full time, commuting, helping me when I need help, doing all the kid-wrangling and regular parenting stuff, shopping, and cooking, which he was already doing a lot of before this injury.

Plus, since I started working full-time things got out of hand – for example no one has really dealt with Moomin’s toys in quite a while, so a lot of them are just thrown into bins, while I used to sit with him and lovingly sort out the dinosaurs from the tinkertoys from the Godzillas. He cleans up, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a certain amount of grown up thinking and intervention that has to happen in the organizing. Probably because he has too much crap.

So at this point I’m so frustrated! I don’t want to ask Rook to do a single extra thing. I can’t do my own laundry, I can’t clear the floor so that I can get around on crutches, I can’t find anything, and I can’t walk around the house looking for stuff when I can’t find it.

Want to come work for me for a couple of days putting things away and maybe decluttering? Extra bonus love and pay if you want to shelve my books. The higher level help I can get, the better!

If asking on my blog doesn’t work, I’ll try craigslist!

Email me at if you would not mind being my temporary helper while I’m on crutches.

I feel so dorky and awkward asking this, but I really need it right now.

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