Changing my name to Chrysler

Dear Moomin,

You know how Dad sings that song to you at bedtime, “I’m changing my name to Chrysler”? It was written in 1980, by Arlo Guthrie, when your Dad and I were about 10 years old. We read the newspapers, or at least I know I did, and thought it was a pretty funny song. Well, now aren’t you glad you already know the words? Because it’s all happening again! You can substitute “Wall Street” for the word “Chrysler”. For an explanation of the bits about Iacocca you will have to go read about it in Wikipedia.

p.s. I am being sarcastic and am not really glad that the country is having economic problems.

I’m Changing My Name to Chrysler
by Tom Paxton

Oh the price of gold is rising out of sight
And the dollar is in sorry shape tonight
What the dollar used to get us
Now won’t buy a head of lettuce
No the economic forecast isn’t right
But amidst the clouds I spot a shining ray

I can even glimpse a new and better way
And I’ve demised a plan of action
Worked it down to the last fraction
And I’m going into action here today

I am changing my name to Chrysler
I am going down to Washington D.C.
I will tell some power broker
What they did for Iacocca
Will be perfectly acceptable to me
I am changing my name to Chrysler
I am headed for that great receiving line
So when they hand a million grand out
I’ll be standing with my hand out
Yes sire I’ll get mine

When my creditors are screaming for their dough
I’ll be proud to tell them all where they can all go
They won’t have to scream and holler
They’ll be paid to the last dollar
Where the endless streams of money seem to flow
I’ll be glad to tell them what they can do
It’s a matter of a simple form or two
It’s not just renumeration it’s a liberal education
Ain’t you kind of glad that I’m in debt to you


Since the first amphibians crawled out of the slime
We’ve been struggling in an unrelenting climb
We were hardly up and walking before money started talking
And it’s sad that failure is an awful crime
Well it’s been that way for a millenium or two
But now it seems that there’s a different point of view
If you’re a corporate titanic and your failure is gigantic
Down to congress there’s a safety net for you

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6 Responses to Changing my name to Chrysler

  1. elswhere says:

    I was just thinking of that song too!

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