Being involved in local government

Here’s my town’s new General Plan.

I just got this email from a community member, with a list of the committee meetings! I have not done much in the last year and a half, because of health issues, stopped going to school meetings and school board meetings. I think I’ll pick a group and try to make all its meetings, and maybe offer to let Moomin pick one and decide. If it were up to me I would either go to Urban Design or Housing and Human Concerns.

I want to let you know that the process of creating Redwood City’s new General Plan is making great progress. We had a wonderful turnout at our September workshop, and at our follow-up Planning Commission meeting in October.

Now, the next two months offer a multitude of opportunities for you to get involved, learn more, and help the City to craft this important “blueprint for the future” of our community.

Please take a look at the schedule of New General Plan-related meetings below and you’ll surely find one or more that you can attend so you can participate, gather information, and offer your comments. Be sure to take a look at for more information, or contact Tom Passanisi at 650-780-7234. By the way, there will also be many more opportunities in the new year for you to get involved and Be a part of the Plan!

Wednesday, November 12:
Planning Commission meeting to discuss Urban Design and Jobs/Housing issues.
7 pm, City Hall

Thursday, November 13:
Historic Resources Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Historic Resources Background Report.
7 pm, City Hall

Tuesday, November 18:
Planning Commission meeting to discuss Corridor Alternatives (Woodside Road, Veterans/Broadway and El Camino Real).
7 pm, City Hall

Thursday, November 20:
Housing and Human Concerns Committee and Senior Affairs Commission joint meeting to discuss aging and healthy communities.
6:30 pm, Veterans Memorial Senior Center

Monday, November 24:
City Council meeting with guest speakers to discuss General Plan and climate change.
7 pm, City Hall

Tuesday, November 25: Planning Commission and Port Commission Joint Study Session to discuss Economic and Industrial Expansion issues related to the Bayfront area.
7 pm, City Hall

Tuesday, December 2: Planning Commission/Housing and Human Concerns Committee Joint Study Session to discuss the Housing Element.
7 pm, City Hall

Thursday, December 4: Neighborhood meeting to discuss General Plan issues related to Friendly Acres and Redwood Village areas.
6:30 pm, Taft School

Tuesday December 9: Planning Commission to discuss land use issues related to the Bayfront area.
7 pm, City Hall

Wednesday, December 10: Neighborhood meeting to discuss multi-family housing in neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown
6:30 pm, City Hall

Thursday, December 11: Neighborhood meeting to discuss General Plan issues related to Palm Park and Redwood Oaks areas.
6:30 pm, Sequoia YMCA

I think Moomin might want to do something more ecology-related. I could also offer him some involvement with City Trees, or at the Marine Science Institute as he needs to start doing a little community service – required by school!

He has come to many meetings with me but usually spends them reading a book or drawing with crayons. He might still find them too boring.

I’m impressed with my town, as usual. This is a good plan and a good web site. I would like more of a community forum to be provided for public discussion, but that will take time. I think still, people are slow to trust each other for public discussion and they don’t know how to deal with the moderation and management of online communities. But that will come in time.

Here’s a flyer a lot of children made last night, on the spot, in the dark on the street corner, as about 50 people rallied in support of repealing/fighting Prop 8.

No on 8 - Redwood City

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    i love this kind of civic participation stuff. and i love the people like you who embrace it.

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