A brief note from Bloggercon IV

sylvia paull is the cutest ever
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I’ve barely seen my child today… maybe for about 10 minutes…

But I had a great time at Bloggercon IV. Here’s a photo of Sylvia Paull of Gracenet, a network for women in computing… She’s sporting a Moms Rising tshirt! Yay!

I took some notes at the con, which you can find over here on Composite, my poetics-n-computing blog, where I put my conference notes and other ‘technoaesthete mashup’ stuff!

Meanwhile, I’m recovering well from getting my tubes tied. It still hurts – I was wishing for an ice pack as I lolled in the back of the room at Bloggercon – but the really sharp pain from leftover CO2 gas (from when they inflate your abdomen like a balloon) is gone, I’m not on Vicodin anymore, so basically I’m fine. If I’m not infectious and I’m not falling over and passing out, then nothing stops me, you know?

Tomorrow I’ll have something more detailed and parenting-related to relate! And will talk about Lisa Williams’ “Emotional Life” discussion & link to the podcast and transcript.

Being at Bloggercon makes me look forward to Blogher! It’s been nice today to see the bloghers gather, and say hi to the Triumvirago (Jory, Elisa, and Lisa)!

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