Bayview to Breakers!

I’m excited! We’re going to Bayview to Breakers today. Though we won’t have boats, we’ll meet people and cheer on whoever is there with kayaks or art boats or weird rafts made of plastic bottles. I’ve only driven around this area, so it’ll be nice to get out the car and hang out.

Celebrating free public access to the Bay and the maritime history of India Basin and the southeast shore of San Francisco, Bayview to Breakers is an urban flotilla of manual powered watercraft. If the land-lubbers in small towns on small waters in America’s heartland can have watercraft celebrations, so too shall the City by the Bay.

India Basin

I think we’ll be going to the starting point, then driving around India Basin to Heron’s Head Park, where there is a fairly new EcoCenter — sort of a nature center about sustainable living. Take a look at their blog: The EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park.

I totally love how the Bayview to Breakers site is full of the overuse of nautical language:

Calling all weathered, barnacled sea captains and rubber-legged would be skippers. Summoning all those with non-motorized, manually powered vessels, from the finely handcrafted to the roughly hewn, from the Bay worthy to the “as yet determined.” From the innovative and inventive, to the overly ambitious. To all the works-in-progress waiting to be plied to the open water. Shake off your summer fog — this is your day in the sun and water. San Francisco’s sunny southeast waterfront is home to the finest weather to be found in summertime.

If there’s time, we might all go take a peek at the Hunters Point and Islais Creek Studios. While I’m not sure if they’re open, I’d like to see where they are! It looks like the Islais Creek Studios are right across the creek from where I like to sit and look out at the broken-down dock, and right near Building REsources, a very very cool Urban Ore type of junkyard where you can buy sinks or doors or weird old pieces of machinery. I think the kids will love Building REsources.

Islais Creek crane

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