The Sippy Cups and the Fourth Grade Dads are playing tomorrow, 1-4, at the little park outside the Redwood City Main Library!

I love this sort of thing, the sort-of-grownuppish event, like Baby Loves Disco, that is all about the parents not wanting to be bored out of their minds.

So, I’m going to this for sure, since we can walk there from our house. I’ll be having flashbacks to those “gutter punk” all ages shows in the basement of the Cupertino Library in 1992.

Likely there won’t be any punk rock… it’s all about the boomers, dammit. I want to be the BIG one in the mosh pit for a change and this is my chance. Payback time – I’m still pissed off from that time that I got trampled by skinheads at a Black Flag concert in Houston.

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