Coffee with badass mamas

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This morning’s coffee hour was particularly nice. I was bummed about being back in the wheelchair today, and I was in pain. But then everybody made me laugh. My hurting bones baked in the sun. The cherry pie and bacon rocked my world.

There was blog gossip, gossip about blogs, gossip about everything unbloggable, talk of all the upcoming readings and events for theCan I Sit With You? book, “my kid said this cute thing” stories, and I heard that the fabulousLiz Ditz is setting up to do some “kindergarten readiness” consulting.

I got into a great conversation with jennyalice about relationships. In a conversation with her partner she ended up saying to him, “Hey, you know why we feel uncomfortable and out of control? It’s because we’re actually sharing power and no one’s in charge.” This is a great thought to chew on. From talking about the whole “domestic discipline” thing with hilarity and sadness, we quickly moved on to talk about power, housework, and responsibility.

Meanwhile, I played with Rocketina, B.’s little daughter. She took off her boots and I put them on again while we discussed gravity, “up”, and “down”. I suggested that her rubber boots would make a nice hat. One year olds are good for the ego; I was totally a comedic genius for that minute of putting a boot on my head. Little Rocketina (20 months!) then wowed me by pointing at the table marker and saying “Dat’s a ONE. And dat’s a FOUR. Makes FOURTEEN.”

I’m back in bed now. While my leg is still hurting, I’m buoyed up by sun, pie, and a huge dose of my awesome friends.

This photo is of the indoor aquatic center in the East Bay – just across the Dunbarton Bridge in Newark! We went this weekend & it was great!

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