conversations with grownups

A nice mom stopped us today and recognized me from local mailing lists. I did not catch her name so we can just call her Lou’s mom. Something about her magic powers made Moomin talk to her! Yes, he answered her questions at length. A rare event.

“So, what do you like to do at recess? Soccer, tetherball?”

“Mostly I don’t really know what to do at recess.”

“That’s funny, neither does Lou, maybe you can figure out together what to do…”

“I think tetherball is where they have a pole, and a ball, and a string, and one person whacks the ball and the other person whacks it.”

“Yes! Lou, come on over here, Moomin is going to teach you about tetherball….”

“But mostly I am too tired to play at recess. “

“Oh. So, what do you do?”

“Well, I like to do a lot of finking.”

“You know… FINKING. I like to fink with my mind. I make stuff up.”

“Oh right! Isn’t that wonderful! Lou also likes to make stuff up!”

“Like, Ostracon, who is a supervillain I made up, who can do powerful karate kicks and can see very far away. Because ostriches have long necks, and eyes as big as tennis balls. He was working at the zoo and he wished the animals did NOT have to live at the zoo, and he got into a car accident on his way home and got mixed up with an ostrich and became OSTRACON. Also, excuse me, excuse me, Lou’s mom? Did you know that Magneto has a kryptonite heart?”

That was awesome and she was super nice for talking with him. Lou tried to kiss him and asked him how come he was so short and if he was in kindergarten too? This did not bode well for their future recess friendship. But you never know.

My plan of going to recess one day a week to play board games was supposed to start today, but has to wait till I’m not sick with a cold and sore throat. On the other hand I’m not skipping the meeting with the schoo superintendent tonight. Maybe there will be something interesting to report later this evening.

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