Flip fantasia!

After Moomin’s school choir concert — in which 50 kids sang Nickelback’s “Rock Star”, “Time After Time”, “I’ll Stop the World”, and (again) Bohemian Rhapsody — I tried to get him to think of some very silly songs for adaptation for a kids’ choir. He was underwhelmed by the Langley School Project version of Space Oddity, and didn’t think that Sleater-Kinney’s Words and Guitars would translate well to choral adaptation. I disagree, it would totally rock and has great lyrics.

Anyway, after that I was treated to this improvised dance to Cantaloop:

After the first minute the dance gets amazingly interesting! I like Moomin’s improvisations very much. At some point I couldn’t resist dancing a little bit with him so it’s rolling shaky-cam time.

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4 Responses to Flip fantasia!

  1. thetwinkle says:

    wow, i feel exhausted just watching that. and now i feel old for writing that.

    my favourite bit was around 2:30. he is obviously very musical and co-ordinated.

  2. Denise says:

    Moomin is awesome! I love how he keeps dancing while pulling up his pants. I also love the mismatched socks (which are not MissMatched but even better.)

    Really awesome. Adorable. Fantastic.

  3. Mike miller says:

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  4. That's a fun things to do Thank you for sharing!